Whatson.com – The Best In UK Commercial Radio

Whatson.com - Kerrang

I’m really pleased as I made the new Whatson.com site live today. It’s the result of several months hard work by a small team, with me as the lead developer.

Currently it’s the home for 8 radio players at present, with more to follow soon!

Kerrang Radio, Kerrang 105.2, Kiss 100 and Magic 105.4 contain a mix of live radio streams, the best of the weeks previous shows and some other special content.

The BBC has been doing something similar for a while with the BBC Radio Player, and ourselves with the Kiss player, but this a first for UK commercial radio.

All the players cross link to each other and we try to offer highlights from other stations to give visitors a real choice of listening.

Anyway, there’s more to come, so keep tuned in.

Whatson.com - Kiss

Whatson.com - Heat

Whatson.com - Smash Hits