UTF-8 Aware Cron Scripts

I’ve recently been having a spot of bother with UTF-8 data in a Perl script on an old linux box. Specifically, I have been importing data from a RESTful service that includes the name Michael BublĂ©. That accented e at … Continued

Parsing JSON Boolean Values With Perl

A project I’ve been working on recently has meant me using both the JSON and JSON::Streaming::Reader Perl modules. The JSON::Streaming::Reader is great for processing large files, and produces results that are compatible with the JSON module. Compatible… well almost. They … Continued

Using Data::Dumper With Log4perl

I’m currently working on some Perl code for a change, and as part of a refactor I’ve added log4perl in to support my debugging. I tend to overuse Data::Dumper as it’s so useful for seeing what is going on inside … Continued

Redirects In Catalyst

I’ve been using Catalyst quite a bit recently. For those of you who don’t know what Catalyst is, the easiest buzzword compliant comparison is Ruby On Rails for Perl. Normally in Catalyst if you want to break the flow from … Continued

Limiting Trackback Spam Further

Those trackback spammers are getting smarter, I’ve had two get past my filters in the past two days. I wrote before about my attempts at trying to limit trackback spam. My method is to visit the trackback URL and make … Continued