London 7th July 2005

It’s eerie walking through London trying to get home today.

As Liverpool Street is obviously shut following the terrorist bombings, i decided to try going to Eastbourne from Victoria instead.

Buckingham Palace is partially sealed off, and armed soldiers in combat gear are patrolling instead of the usual dress sentries standing outside.

As buses are suspended, the bus station at Victoria was deserted. It was also strange seeing Oxford Street without a single bus running down it.

Trains are a nightmare. I’m on a special Brighton service as very few trains are running. There are no tubes or buses running so it’s very busy.

Strangely, despite all the trains being messed up, the public information board cheerfully informs us there are no reported problems today, and tries to sell us balloon rides, gay pride and Party in the Park tickets.

Thu 07/07/2005 15:31 - Buckingham Palace
Thu 07/07/2005 15:43 - Victoria Bus Station
Thu 07/07/2005 16:01 - no delays?