Draw Something Solver – The Platform

I have been putting some more thought into how to build my Draw Something Solver.

I have decided as I use Draw Something on my iPhone 4S, the solver should really run on there. This means coding using Objective C, or using HTML 5 and JavaScript.

As I haven’t written an HTML and JavaScript application for a while, and as it’s more fun, I think this should be the technology to use.

The only difficulty I can see is in getting screenshots from Draw Something into the application. Phonegap looks like it exposes some functionality to achieve this in JavaScript, so it looks like a good idea to use this as well. It also gives me the bonus of being able to create a native iOS application I could choose to upload to the App Store if I wanted, and also look a producing a version for Android in the future.

To give the application a native look and feel, using something like jQTouch or jQuery Mobile would make sense. jQuery Mobile has quite a lot of buzz at the moment and I’ve not had the opportunity to use it before, so I think I’ll try it out in this project.