HTTP Methods For RESTful Web Services

The use of HTTP methods when designing and building a RESTful web service is very important. Most developers only use the GET and POST methods offered by the HTTP specification, and for most web sites this is fine. However, there … Continued

Lifeblog Proxy Idea

Sitting in a Lifeblog debrief earlier, one thing that struck me was that others had the same problem as me regarding wanting to post to multiple blogs. It seems most would like to seperate a work blog from a personal … Continued

WSSE Authentication For Atom Using Perl

Atom uses the WSSE authentication for posting and editing weblogs. Mark Pilgrim explains more about this in layman’s terms in an old article, Atom Authentication. This information is passed in an HTTP header, for example… HTTP_X_WSSE UsernameToken Username="robertprice", PasswordDigest="l7FbmWdq8gBwHgshgQ4NonjrXPA=", … Continued