Reading An Electricity Meter

Todays public service announcement is how to read an old Eastern Electricity Multirate Single Phase Watt Hour Meter that was previously on Economy 7.

The LCD Rate display alternates between three figures. These are..

  • 1 – Day Reading
  • 2 – Night Reading
  • (no digit) – Combined Day / Night Reading

Electricity Meter

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  1. Hi i have one of these meters and I’m worried someone has tampered with to gain money more from me is this possible because I’m only running a caravan through it . All switches are off during the day and I’m only there for to hours in the evening, please reply??

    1. Well I’m not an expert I’m afraid. If you are unsure, why not borrow a electricity monitor and attach it by the meter. It should show you if power is being used and how much. A lot of electricity companies give them away these days depending on your tariff, or even local libraries sometimes have them to borrow. Good luck.

      1. Hi Robert,you mention a gadget to show whether electricity is being being used and how much. I think it says monitor but it’s covered by your picture. My meter flashes when everything is switched off from the fuse box which is puzziling everyone.It also records usage when I am away and everything is turned off.

  2. Hi.I have one of these meters and the display disappeared 8 months ago.[ May 2012 ] I gave the electricity board [EDF] a meter reading in April 2012
    A man has been out twice to read the meter since and when he found the display gone he said he would get someone out to replace it but that never happened.
    I have been paying by direct debit every quarter £75.00 but now they have sent me an estimated bill for £455.00 as a back payment from April 2012 to Jan 2013.
    Is there a way that this broken meter can be read so that I can have a true reading of what I have used and owe ?…I know I have not used over £400 extra as there is only my husband and myself here.

  3. I have this meter which displays a value & then displays all 88888, any idea what this indicates?

    Also is this what they call a smart meter?

    Many thanks.

  4. I have just been told by edf that ever since i moved to them well over a year ago that they have been billing me as number 1 = night rate and number 2 = day rate! My 1 reading is a LOT lower than my 2 reading so I am using at night more but they are / have been billing me at the wrong rates for ages is there any come back on this?

    1. I have a similar meter, robin. The ‘night’ setting is static 04171 after the 88888 comes up. British Gas last read the meter in November 2010 when they claim the night reading was 05189- they now refuse to change the faulty meter as I am switching to Scottish Power. Needless to say Scottish Power refuse to change the meter as it is the responsibility of British Gas! They will not migrate my account till the meter is fixed?! It will be a long phonecall to Ofgem and the energy ombudsman in the morning- not to mention trading standards!!

  5. my multi rate watt hour meter display alternates between 2 figures. The first one displays my usage with a number 1 and flicks to rEd…….what does it mean? Cant find economy 7 reading Gabi

  6. Hi Robert
    My meter seems to be reading the Day and the Night the other way around:

    ie 1=Night and 2=Day

    I have the same meter as pictured above.

    Has this been wired incorrectly do you think? I am having a real nightmare with my supplier at the moment my consumption appears to be extreme and am tempted to get a Periodic Inspection and Testing carried out.


  7. red means reverse energy detected it means it is picking up energy going through the meter backwards solar and wind power can cause this but there are polarity issues that can also cause this.

  8. I have this meter type, rate 1 is the day rate, rate 2 is the night rate, but the third reading is not a combination of the two above rates, so what is it?

  9. I have a single phase watt hour meter and for days it has been beeping loudly. Why is this? And how the hell do i stop it? Im going mad here

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