Using Phing To Deploy A PHP Project

Deploying a PHP project to a production or even a staging environment isn’t always as simple as copying a directory. One project I have been working on recently has benefited from using Phing as a deployment system. To deploy my … Continued

UTF-8 Aware Cron Scripts

I’ve recently been having a spot of bother with UTF-8 data in a Perl script on an old linux box. Specifically, I have been importing data from a RESTful service that includes the name Michael BublĂ©. That accented e at … Continued

Recursive Functions In PHP

Recursive functions can be very useful when developing in PHP. A recursive function is simply a function that calls itself, but why would you want your function to be able to call itself? They are best used when a problem … Continued

Replacing Text In A MySQL Database

There are times when you find yourself having to rename data in your MySQL database based on a specific pattern. I had this very problem today. A designer had changed the dimensions of the thumbnails on a website and needed … Continued

Utf8 And MySQL Command Line

I’ve been having to use a lot of utf8 recently, and being old school I still use the command line a lot. One project has been importing a lot of international data into a mysql database. The database is in … Continued

Parsing JSON Boolean Values With Perl

A project I’ve been working on recently has meant me using both the JSON and JSON::Streaming::Reader Perl modules. The JSON::Streaming::Reader is great for processing large files, and produces results that are compatible with the JSON module. Compatible… well almost. They … Continued