RDF And Barcodes

Chris Heathcote has the really interesting idea of using RDF as barcodes.

Barcodes in Japan use something called a QR Code, and the format is in the public domain.

Camera phones are able to decode these images so they are a great way of loading short data into a mobile device.

Time for me to read up on this and maybe have a play with the technology at the weekend.

XML::Parser Problem Fixed

I was having serious problems using the Perl module XML::Parser to extract data from an XML file.

The file was several megabytes in size, but every so often the content of one element would not extract correctly. I was convinced the problem must of been with expat, the C parser behind XML::Parser.

It turns out I should of read the manual a little better.

I was resetting a variable in my Char handler each time the handler was called. I was assuming this would only be called once per element. However, it can be called multple times per element and this is what was happening.

For my small test file, the original code was fine. However, resetting the variable in the Start handler and making sure that the Char handler now appends data each call has fixed the problem for all files, including very large ones.

New Blog

Well I’ve decided to write my own little mini blog for the site. The software is custom written in Perl for fun, so things may change for a bit while I bed down the code and decide exactly what I want.