InnoTab 2 Video Conversion

VTech Innotab 2┬ávideo conversion isn’t hard, but getting those settings right the first time can be, so I thought I’d share how I managed it.

The InnoTab 2 needs videos to have the following settings:

File Type AVI
Video Encoder MJPEG
Display Size 480×272
Frame Rate 15 fps
Bit Rate 2400 kbps
Audio Encoder PCM
Audio Channel Mono
Sampling Rate 22.05 kHz
Maximum File Size 2 GB

I have a Mac, so I used Handbrake which is an open source multiplatform video transcoder. It means it’s a free piece of software, that will run on Mac’s, PC’s and Linux boxes, and can be used to transform video from one format to another, such as one that will run on the InnoTab 2.

Once you have Handbrake installed, you need to use the following settings.

The Output Settings Format needs to be MP4 File.

In the video tab you need:

Video Codec: MPEG-4 (FFmpeg
Framerate (FPS): 15
Peak Framerate (VFR): selected
Video Quality: Constant Quality Selected, QP 20

In the audio tab you need:
Codec: AAC (CoreAudio)
Mixdown: Mono
Samplerate: 22.05
Bitrate: 48

In Picture Settings you need:
Width: 480
Height: 272

At this point you may want to save this as new preset, to save entering these details again for each video you want to convert. Click on Preset in the menu bar, and New Present. Call your Preset Name “InnoTab 2”, set the picture size to custom, and enter 480 272 for the width and height. The description is optional so enter something useful here if you want to, then Add.

To use a preset, you need to make sure the Preset Drawer is visible. It should be on the right hand side of the screen, and if not, click on Window in the menu bar, and select Preset Draw. Click on InnoTab 2 to get your InnoTab 2 settings.

Now, to convert a video, click on the Source icon on the top left of the screen. This will let you pick a video. Once selected, choose a name for the Destination File. Make sure you change the extension at the end from .mp4 to .avi, else your InnoTab 2 won’t be able to use the video. Now “Add To Queue”, and “Start”. It may take a while to convert but Handbrake will let you know when it’s ready.

To copy the video to your InnoTab 2, connect it to the your computer. Browse to one of the drives, and click on “LLN” then “MOVIES”. Drag and drop the movie you just converted into this folder. Unmount the InnoTab 2 from your computer and try looking for a movie on it. Your new movie should be at the top of the list and ready to watch.

Downloading A YouTube Movie

YouTube is a great source of videos to watch on your InnoTab 2, but you do need to be able to save them.

There are a few online sites that can help.

I have found an easy one to be You enter a URL of a page with the video you want to download, this can be a YouTube page. Select “Download” and save this so you can load it into Handbrake for conversion to your InnoTab 2.

A word of warning, does launch popup windows, so be aware of this. Also be aware of Copyright and make sure you have the right to download and save a video to your InnoTab 2.


I hope this has helped other Innotab 2 users out there to get video content onto their device.

I have saved these settings to GitHub, so they are ready to import directly into Handbrake, Innotab 2 Handbrake Settings.

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  1. Hello

    Thanks a million for the tutorial but unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me…

    Can you tell me if it still works for you?
    I’m thinking a different software version on the device might be the cause.

    What version are you running on the Innotab 2 ?

    Mine is 26.30321

    Thanks again

  2. Help!

    I can’t figure out how to get the plist file onto my computer.

    Also, I tried doing the settings manually, but my handbrake doesn’t allow the configuration you suggest. Are yo running an older version? My version is up to date.

    Thanks for your help!

  3. This Handbrake method doesn’t work. I downloaded your settings and imported them and also copied them in and tried. The movies do not show up on the Inno Tab. Every bit of information I have found suggests that the file needs to be .avi for it to work, I tried changing the extension to .avi and that didn’t work. Any ideas?

  4. Any updates? Xvid no longer supported on innotab2 with the latest ‘firmware update’, now need to use H.264 and mp3, but I am not having any successes.

    1. I converted a few videos again today, so I know the settings work for me. I’m running version 0.9.8 x86_64 (2012071800) on a Mac.


    all Innotab models reproduce only AVI video. Use Freemake Video Converter and the following video specs to create a custom preset for your Innotab:

    Frame size: Custom
    Width: 480
    Height: 272
    Adjustment: Original
    Video codec: XVID
    Frame rate: 29.97 fps
    Bitrate: Auto
    Audio codec: PCM
    Channels: Mono
    Sample rate: 22050 Hz
    Sample size: 16 bit


    MEDIA CODER for INNOTAB 2 et 3

    Preview Mode : disabled

    Video enabled

    Video Bitrate : 600 kbps

    Rate mode: average

    bitrate Format : H.264

    Profile : Baseline

    Audio enabled Format : Mp3

    Preset : Tape (ABR/112 kbps)

    Container AVI

    Sound gain : 15.0

    1. add file

    2. set output file : add at the start : mod.

    and add at the end of the title .avi

    and change the type save : .avi

    if these arent done it wont work!

  6. It seems to have worked but when I try to open the video on the Innotab, it says loading failed. What can I do?

  7. I have bought Innotab 3S’ for my son’s for christmas and have been trying to get this to work for months! I am using Handbreak Version 0.9.9 x86_64 (2013051800) and the Output settings only allow for MP4 and MKV files. I follow your suggestions to a T and when I put the file on the Innotab I receive that the video failed to load. Anyone have this problem, and is there a resolution?

  8. I’m running version 0.9.8 x86_64 (2012071800) but the maximum width I can go to in picture settings is 320-how do I get it to go to 480?

  9. Hi, it woks, BUT: my daughter is too small to read the file names in the list. The innotab doesn’t display the first frame picture in the video icon, so she doesn’t know what video to choose. In the same time, all the video recordered with the innotab camera display in the first frame picture. How could we configure to have the picture of the video in icon. ?

  10. i could use innotab with videos converted by the avs video encorder in the above prescribed format .sample .videos are available in torrents also .but few days back i got an update of innotab .now system fails to load all the converted videos..only the ones taken by innotab works..dont know what to do..if any one has an exact answer please post..

  11. I have found a solution to the problem the basic issue was innotab videos previously which was encoded with xvid codecs were much easy to use,but when innotab vtech upgraded the software they dont give money to xvid company and do not have the right s for it and so this is not included in the new firmware if you have updated the firmware to new you will have this problem ,,now in there site they have mentioned to convert to h264 format with tencorder but they have not mentioned the exact specifications and there are more than 60 formats …now dont worry just watch this video from youtube ,get a tencorder software download for free and follow exactly as what it says ,,,believe me it was a success i have now more than 200 stories for my son on his tab now ,,,conversion is also very fast link is hope you find this useful

  12. Thanks for that advice, it works great / converts videos for my son’s Innotab 2. Be sure to rename file extension as an .avi before starting conversion.

  13. I download a video converter called Faasoft Video Converter to do this. Converting like a charm. Hope it’s useful to you.

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