Draw Something Solver – The Idea

I’ve been ill recently, and during my stay in hospital I discovered Draw Something. It’s basically a digital version of Pictionary played over the Internet on your phone.

I have noticed a few solvers have been written, and while I am recovering from my illness I have decided to try to write something to do the same function as I feel up to it, and to keep my skills up to date before I return to work.

I have an iPhone 4S, so anything I write about will be related to that device.

It seems the main tasks would be…

  • Obtain a list of words Draw Something uses
  • Obtain screenshots of the app
  • Extract words from the screenshots
  • Extract the number of letters in the solution from the screenshot
  • Find the possible words that match

Obtaining a list of words may be tricky as Draw Something uses quite a few proper nouns such as names. To start with the words on my Macbook in the /usr/share/dict/words file should be a good start until I find a better list.

The easiest way to get some screenshots would be to take them directly on my iPhone (press and hold the Home button then pressing the Sleep/Wake button, then using Preview on my Mac to import to my Macbook).

Extracting the number of words and number of letters in the solution from the screenshots will mean inspecting the image and doing some basic OCR.

Finding the possible words would be a case of sorting all the words into alphabetical lists of letters and comparing them.

To be continued…