Mushroom And Rocket Risotto Recipe

Here is my recipe for a delicious mushroom and rocket risotto. I’d recommend getting a good selection of different types of mushroom, fresh or dried (if dried, keep the rehydration liquid for stock), though it does work well with common … Continued

Peas And Salami On Toast Recipe

Here is my recipe for a quick and tasty lunch, peas and salami on toast. It may sound a strange combination but it works, especially with freshly podded peas from the garden. You will need the following ingredients… Peas – … Continued

Sticky Buns Recipe

As it was Easter yesterday, and I don’t really like Hot Cross Buns, I decided to make variant of them, simple Sticky Buns. It’s more or less the Hot Cross Bun recipe, but without the fruit and peel. You will … Continued

Easy Honeycomb Recipe

I made honeycomb yesterday, and found it to be a surprisingly easy recipe with great results. You will need 100g caster sugar (I used golden unrefined) 3 tablespoons of Golden Syrup (I used Lyles from a squeezy bottle) 1 teaspoon … Continued

Plain Chow Mein Recipe

Here’s my simple recipe for plain chow mein. Chow Mein is a great side dish to any chinese meal, and it’s really easy to make. It’s basically just noodles, beansprouts and onions, though you can always add other ingredients if … Continued

Salmon Teriyaki Recipe

Here’s an easy and quick recipe for salmon teriyaki. I’ve cheated and bought a prepared teriyaki sauce instead of making my own, but this dish is still delicious. The secret is to marinade the salmon for at least 3 hours … Continued

Rob’s Onion Gravy Recipe

I thought it was time to share my secret onion gravy recipe with the rest of the world, so here it is. It creates enough for two. It’s nice and simple, and really easy to make. Firstly, the ingredients… Half … Continued

Plain Scones Recipe

Delicious, simple to make scones, that go just right with a dollop of fresh whipped cream. This recipe only takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. You will need… 250g self-raising flour 40g butter 150ml milk 1.5 tbsp caster … Continued

New Steamed Cod Recipe

I’ve put my new recipe for Steamed Cod With Ginger And Spring Onions online. It’s a romantic dish to share with someone special.