Orange SMS Spam

I used to be very happy with the service I was receiving from Orange. However lately I just seem to be getting constant SMS spam from them to my mobile phone advertising various services.

I signed up for a free three month trial of their WAP services. Getting rather fed up of the SMS barrage from them, mainly relating to this free trial, I sent a STOP message through to the reply number and received a confirmation that the messages would now stop and hoping I enjoy the rest of the free trial. However, today I’ve received another SMS from them advertising voice help for the service.

What annoys me even more than receiving these messages is that each time I send STOP messages, it costs me money. Maybe that is Oranges plan? If they are doing this to everyone they must be making a fortune (as well as alienating their customers).

Dodgy Office Network

Are the Central IT department telling fibs when they say the reason I have no intranet access is because a JCB cut through a fibre optic cable outside the office?

Some of the servers I’m trying to access are located in the same building as me which makes it sound a bit fishy. What makes it really whiff of rotting tuna is that the internet connection to external sites is fine, including to this blog page.

It sounds more like someone may have messed up a network config. This seems to be what the IT guys have told Cal, who works doing similar things to me for the same company, but in a different building.

South Central Trains

Travelling to Eastbourne today, I’m struck by the difference in trains north of London to those in the south.

I took WAGN‘s Cambridge Cruiser service from Cambridge to London. This was fast, quiet, clean and comfortable.

However, from London to Eastbourne I took one of South Central‘s battered old slam door trains. This was absolutely filthy.

I made the mistake of visiting one of the on board toilets. This was a huge error on my part. Sewage on the floor and graffiti on the walls. The taps had been removed and sealed over, so it was impossible to wash my hands, though bizarrely there were paper towels for drying my hands on. This would probably be useful for anyone who would have had to sit in there, as there was no toilet paper anyway.

I was glad to get home and freshen up properly.

Cheese and Onion Crisps

I took the National Express coach to Cambridge today.

The journey itself was very plesant and the coach itself was very comfortable. However, why must people eat such terrible smelling food on board?

Cheese and onion crisps are the worst offenders. As the coach is air conditioned there are no windows to open to escape the stench and get a breath of fresh air. Why do people feel the need to eat them on packed public transport? Surely waiting until the next rest point would not be the end of the world.

As you can probably guess, I’m not really a big fan of smelly food in public. Also included on this list are the people who eat burgers on packed trains then leave the packing onboard when they get off.

Tightening Up Security

I’ve just downloaded Zone Alarm for a friend of mine to try to help secure her NTL cable modem connected computer.

I’m shocked at the number of attemped connections on port 445. This is apparently Windows NetBIOS’s port for sharing files etc. There are also various other scans going on seemingly every 5 minutes from various IP addresses.

I also took the liberty of downloading SpyBot Search and Destroy and installing it. Again, that detected quite a few Spyware apps on her system, as well as various cookies. These have now also been removed.

New Blog

Well I’ve decided to write my own little mini blog for the site. The software is custom written in Perl for fun, so things may change for a bit while I bed down the code and decide exactly what I want.