My First Python Script

It’s a full day since I started to try to teach myself Python for my Nokia 3230 phone.

My first script is running, and though it isn’t anything impressive, I’m still very pleased with the results.

So what is this amazing script? Well it just gets the current location of the phone by CellID, using the location module supplied with Python, and displays it on the console.

Here’s the code…

# we need access to the location module so have to import it.
import location
# get the mmc, mnc, lac and cellid by calling the gsm_location
# method from the location module.
(mmc, mnc, lac, cellid) = location.gsm_location()
# print out the retrieved details to the console.
print "mmc %sn" % mmc
print "mnc %sn" % mnc
print "lac %sn" % lac
print "cellid %sn" % cellid

screenshot of the python location script results
As you can see it’s not going to win any prizes at PyCon, but it does provide some very practical information for me, namely my location.

But what are those 4 variables returned?

  • MCC = Mobile Country Code
  • MNC = Mobile Network Code
  • LAC = Location Area Code
  • Cell ID = The Cell’s ID 🙂

Stay tuned for more Python adventures over the coming weeks.