My First FOAF File

I’ve just put up my FOAFfile on the site.

It was initially generated using Leigh Dodd‘s FOAF-a-Matic.

FOAF is an interesting use of RDF. It is used to describe people and the links between them in a machine readable way.

You can see my FOAF file parsed by FOAF Explorer.

There are lots of opportunities to expand the information stored in the FOAF file due to the use of RDF. I can even create new elements as long as I provide a namespace for them and reference it in the rdf:RDF as an XML namespace.

One particularly interesting use of FOAF is Edd Dumbill’s BlueFOAF. It uses Bluetooth to scan for friends and show who is near you in real life. However, it’s usefulness may be limited as most Bluetooth devices only have a 10 metre range and so you could probably see your friends. 🙂