Using Data::Dumper With Log4perl

I’m currently working on some Perl code for a change, and as part of a refactor I’ve added log4perl in to support my debugging.

I tend to overuse Data::Dumper as it’s so useful for seeing what is going on inside an object, and I had been passing the results directly to log4perl. This is actually very inefficient if I changed my logging level to turn off the dumps, as Dumper would still run, but the results would just be ignored.

Thankfully log4perl supports filters, so I can use this to defer the Dumper operation until it actually needs to be output.

In the above example, I’m getting the singleton instance of log4perl for my current class, then calling trace, and saying I’d like the $data passed through Data::Dumper::Dumper. This will only be filtered if I have trace level monitoring enabled, if not it will be silently ignored and not executed, saving me valuable resources.

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